Kanabec Broadband Initiative

Project Sharing Meeting

Project Sharing Video Conference

On February 2nd, 2012 KBI Committee members met with officials from Wadena / Wadena County, a group of St. Louis County Townships and Winthrop / Sibley County to learn about the process for developing a feasibility study request for proposals and gather information about where other similar groups are in the broadband initiative process. The video below is from the meeting.

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What can we do?

Rural Minnesotans across the state are working to improve their broadband access. We are beginning that effort here in Kanabec County and your participation is critical to our success.

  • Learn more about the broadband situation in Kanabec County.
  • Share how the lack of broadband impacts your family, your business and your ability to access health care and education, conduct commerce and communicate.
  • Join us as we develop a plan to meet Kanabec County's current and future broadband needs